Gold Mining Industry Around the World

Gold mining (sometimes G.M. for short) is the mechanical and technical method of removing gold from the ground with the usage of several mining methods. There are several ways by which the material can be extracted from the earth. Gold was first mined in Kolar Gold Fields located in Karnataka state in India. This occurred between the second and third century B.C. (Before Christ).

There are different methods of mining for gold which are: Panning, sluicing, dredging, Cradle, hard rock mining and byproduct mining. Gold panning is a manual technique for sorting materials. This method consists in using shallow pans which are fill with sand and gravel that contains gold. These pans are introduced into water and shaken to be able to sort the precious metal from the gravel and other materials. The precious metal will settle to the bottom of the pan because its much denser than rock. This mining method is known to be the easiest way for searching and is used in streams and dry streams which are called placer deposits.

Gold prospecting is basically the action of searching for new deposits of gold. The traditional prospecting for gold is done with a pan to be able to wash free particles from the loose surface sediment. This pans are centuries old, which is commonly used by miners and prospectors with small financial backing. In other deeper placer deposits there will be needed the use of drilling and trenching. The prospecting for hard rock gold deposits is done by an examination of the surface of rock outcrops. The recreational prospecting of gold has been seen in some countries New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Wales and the United States.

There is a variety of gold mining companies and gold exploration companies
located in some countries around the world. Some countries are: United States: Delta Consolidated Mining Company, Dutch Gold Resources, Freeport McMoran, Gold Reserve, US Gold Corporation, etc. Australia: Great Central Mines, Sino, Normandy Mining, etc. Africa: Anglo Gold Ashanti, Harmony Gold, etc. There are more countries where they have mining companies.

The recreational gold mining equipment for are: Sluice boxes, pans, metal detectors, digging tools, snuffer bottles, vials, etc. Gold mining equipment is very important for miners to work effectively and safely. The gold mining industry is a very important economical contributor by a variety of countries around the world. This material has been mined in every continent. The top producers of it are United States, Australia and South Africa. It's estimated that more than 4.95 billion ounces of this precious materisl have been extracted since the civilization started. The gold industry has a rich and long history since the first millennium. Here at you will find all the information regarding mining for gold.